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julho 2021
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junho 29, 2021

Residência para artistas brasileiros morando fora do Brasil na Gasworks 2021 - Inscrições

Gasworks Residency Open Call 2021 Supported by Gasworks’ Brazilian Residency Patrons’ Circle Residency for Brazilian artists based outside Brazil, 4 October – 20 December 2021 Application Deadline: Tuesday 20 July 2021

This opportunity will enable an emerging Brazilian artist based in a country in the current UK’s green or amber list to undertake a fully-funded residency at Gasworks in London from 4 October – 20 December 2021 (11 weeks). It is essential that the applicant resides in a green or amber list’s country in order to qualify for the residency as Covid restrictions are currently banning travel for those based in the red list (which includes Brazil). Artists living in the UK, but based outside London, can also apply. For more information on travel during the pandemic, please check the UK government website here.

Gasworks programmes up to sixteen residencies each year, inviting emerging international artists to work alongside a community of nine London-based peers for three months. Residencies are non-prescriptive and process-based and focus on enabling artists to research and develop new work. Made public through Open Studios and events, these opportunities encourage interaction, dialogue and professional networking.

Gasworks provides significant pastoral and curatorial support throughout the residency, however artists are also expected to be proactive and self-motivated and lead the research and production of their work while in London.

The Residency Comprises

- 24-hour access to a fully accessible private studio at Gasworks, alongside other visiting artists and Gasworks’ permanent studio holders.
- A public Open Studios displaying work produced during the residency at Gasworks on Saturday 11 December 2021, 12-6pm
- Support with visa applications and all visa costs covered.
- Economy return flights from the artist’s home city to London, including 1 cabin and 1 hold luggage.
- Single room accommodation within Gasworks Residencies House (a 2-story house, shared with 3 other artists-in-residence), with share of the bathrooms and kitchen.
- A weekly stipend of £150 for living expenses.
- A materials budget of £800.
- Access to Gasworks’ tools and AV equipment, subject to availability.
- Travel card (TFL zones 1+2) for unlimited travel within central London for the duration of the residency.
- Administrative, pastoral and curatorial support from Gasworks (during office hours, Monday-Friday, 9:30am-6pm)
- A dedicated residency page on Gasworks’ website.
- A short video interview/presentation in advance of the Open Studio to introduce your work. The video will be permanently added to the residency page on Gasworks’ website.
- At least 2 individual studio visits with curators and arts professionals (meetings will be in person however on occasions and when relevant they will also happen virtually).
- Opportunities to meet with other artists, arts professionals, patrons and collectors.
- Artists are required to write a report (a template will be provided) summarising their residency.
- For more information about the residency and how to apply, please download the information in the resources section below.

Selection and Eligibility

The residency is open to contemporary visual artists working in all disciplines. Aspiring artists producing high quality work who have not had the opportunity to work in London before will be prioritised. It is important that all applicants research Gasworks thoroughly before submitting their application so as to be fully aware of the context which they would, if successful, be entering.

The selected artist should be able to engage discursively and speculatively with Gasworks' environment and London's wider artistic and cultural context. With this in mind, applicants should submit a project proposal within their application, outlining their specific research interests and intentions for the residency. Those who fail to submit a considered proposal that is specific to this residency and the London context will be disqualified.

We encourage applications from all backgrounds. Gasworks’ building is fully accessible and arrangements could be made to provide fully accessible accommodation if necessary. Due to limited resources and facilities, we are unable to offer residencies to artistic duos or collectives. The funds available for each residency and room in our shared accommodation are for one person only. Similarly we are unable to accommodate partners or children in the accommodation due to limited space, although artists requiring such accompaniment may still apply if they are able to arrange their own accommodation. We welcome enquiries and are open to discussing ways in which our residency programme can be adapted to cater to all artists’ needs. For any question about access requirements and facilities, please contact info@gasworks.org.uk.

Selection Process

The artist will be selected on the basis of their application. Gasworks will establish a selection panel to ensure a wide perspective on and in-depth knowledge of the contemporary art scene in the UK and Brazil. It will include representatives from Gasworks, Brazilian Residency Patrons’ Circle and an independent curator with expertise on the contemporary art in the region. The successful artist only will be notified by Friday 30 July 2021. Due to the expected high number of applications, we are unable to respond individually or provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants.

Application Procedure

We accept digital applications only. Please use the online application form in the opportunity page on Gasworks’ website, here. Your application should include the following in ONE PDF file only:

1. An artist's statement describing your practice and areas of interest (up to 250 words)
2. A minimum of 10 images (or equivalent extracts from videos, sound work etc…) of recent work, with captions and a short description if necessary.
3. A CV/Resume
4. A simple statement outlining your plans, if you were to be offered the residency, which could include a short description of a research project specific to the context of London or your residency at Gasworks (up to 250 words). This proposal does not have to be definitive and can change during the course of the residency.
5. Any relevant documentation (e.g. selected articles or papers about work, exhibitions, publications, etc)
6. A cover sheet with name, contact address, e-mail and telephone numbers if available, plus confirmation that you will be available from 4 October – 20 December 2021, if selected.

Please note that there is a 10MB limit on pdf submissions. If your file is not in pdf format or is over 10MB you will not be able to submit it.

If you prefer to supply alternatives to text you can provide us with: A 6-minute video or 6-minute sound file in which you discuss points 1 and 4

Application Deadline: Tuesday 20 July 2021
Successful artist notified by Friday 30 July 2021

This residency is supported by Gasworks’ Brazilian Residency Patrons’ Circle.

Gasworks is committed to protecting your personal information. We also want to maintain the trust and confidence of every one of our audience members and supporters, as well as each visitor who uses the Gasworks and Triangle Network websites. Our Privacy Policy gives you detailed information on when and why we collect your personal information, how we use it and how we keep it secure. Please click here to find out more.

Posted by Patricia Canetti at 5:34 PM