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Prmio Srgio Motta_

Sergio Motta Institute is a center for research and discussion in particular concerning the challenges of development for Brazil. It devotes much of its effort to encouraging policies and procedures for social inclusion and promoting citizenship. It also supports a wide range of expressions of culture and art.

Since 2000, the Sergio Motta Art and Technology Award – as the Institute's main initiative in this field – has been contributing to the development of contemporary art in Brazil. Its aim is to promote and disseminate artistic works of excellence that use electronic and digital media. The Sergio Motta Award has earned the appreciation of artists and cultural producers as a seal of excellence for our cultural world. From the year 2005 on, the Award became a biennial action. In addition to the Award process as such, we pose ongoing discussions on ways of  fostering and broadening the field of the digital culture: debates, festivals (Technological Connections project), workshops (Recombinant Territories project), exhibitions and publications.

In the 2008-2009 biennium, with the work of its new curator Giselle Beiguelman, we set out to consolidate the Award's internet presence. The aim is to provide circulation and visibility for artistic initiatives locally and internationally while creating conditions to involve the opinions of people interested in art, new media and new interfaces between art and telecommunications and science.

Being part of Canal Contemporâneo is surely yet another opportunity to energize these circuits and strengthen contemporary art in Brazil.



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