The digital community formed by Canal Contemporneo involves people and entities that visit and nurture our network with their different levels of participation. This section introduces participants connected via associations, supporting entities, partnerships and sponsors, and allows access to their profiles and other related areas.
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Communication and transformation synthesize Canal Contemporâneos goals in developing its digital community.

A human collective without communication is nothing but a mass of bodies. With the revolution of digital medias, information, time and space are multiplied, gain speed and get closer, further exacerbating the need of qualified communication. Building a digital community is established by the debate of its social, political and economic demands, that come up in the several contexts brought together by its main interest focus.

We develop our goals departing from these principles, having as starting point the visibility of our main interest focus: Brazilian contemporary art.

By distributing information about art circuits and systems whether established or alternative, peripherycal or adjacent thus making them visible (and its important to notice, specially when addressing foreigners, that Brazilian art does not benefits from any commercial publication with national distribution), we are outlining the several contexts that form our community.

Professionals (artists, art critics, curators, researchers, teachers, journalists, museum scientists, directors of art institutions, gallery owners, collectors, etc.), entities (art institutions, galleries, publications, collectives, schools, universities, press release offices, sponsors, etc.), students and art lovers from several Brazilian regions (capitals, suburbs and countryside cities) and from several countries (currently almost a hundred) constitute the network that feeds and form Canals community.

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