Canal Contemporneo is formed from the participation of its community. All information disseminated through it and all the debates generated within it are originated from the active participation of its members. Both its build-up and the access to its content are available through levels of shared information and knowledge.
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Action and space mingle in Canal Contemporâneo: one originates the other and both feedback each other – each space formulates an action and each action generates a new space.

In essence we are the whole time dealing with the construction of spaces. When the information becomes accessible and turns into visibility, when the knowledge trespasses its context of origin, when a discussion calls the attention of conventional medias for a given theme or when a undersigned petition generates a dialogue with some government entity, we are creating spaces for actions to take place or to become visible for others and for ourselves.

Below you will find a brief explanation of how Canal Contemporâneo functions as well as introductions to our space-actions.

Arte em Circulao_

Baptized by Rubens Pileggi Sá, a writer and artist from Paraná, this blog began in August 2003, with the publication of his texts, which were previously published by the online magazine Item.

Arte em circulação houses artistic and critical texts, which are accompanied by images and can receive comments. Since June 2005, the journalists and art critics from São Paulo, Juliana Monachesi and Paula Alzugaray, also publish their texts here.

Quebra de Padro_

A Canal Contemporâneo work of contagious action toward the reconfiguration of the coverage of artistic events.

Why artistic events are announced and commented only at the time of their openings? Instead of granting visibility to the fruition of the artistic experience, the published material, always conceived a priori from this experience, as a rule is in non-alignment with contemporary art.

We aim to contaminate all with Quebra de padrão [Breaking paradigms] to leave behind the old standard of cultural journalism, which turns to be a true paradox in relation to the art it deals with.

This work was initiated in May 2004 during the exhibition hiPer> relações eletro//digitais (curated by Daniela Bousso and produced by Instituto Sérgio Motta and Santander Cultural), in Porto Alegre. In 2005 it participated of the exhibition Ocupação no Paço das Artes, in São Paulo, and SPA – Week of Visual Arts of Recife, in the workshop of the art critic Juliana Monachesi.

To participate,
send the material to Canal, indicating the subject QUEBRA [BREAKING].

Documenta 12 Magazines_

Canal Contemporneo has taken part in Documenta 12 Magazines, project that gathered 90 publications from all over the world in the argument of the themes of the 2007 edition. During the months that preceded the Kassel exhibition, dozens of contributions were published by our members in a temporary blog. Meanwhile, we occupied ourselves with the translations and the technological development of the platform that would present our participation in the Magazines project. It is this platform that exhibited the result of our participation at the time of Kassel's Documenta in Kassel that is shown here. It assembles the contributions of Canal's community of the Channel and also some of the contributions from the other publications and information about the project and all the publications participants. Visit also the Documenta Magazines Online Journal:

Como atiar a Brasa_

Proposal of a Tactical Media work:

With collective participation – sending emails to journalists, commenting news (or the lack of news) published in newspapers and magazines, with copies of emails and news to Canal Contemporâneo, we hope to amplify the debate about cultural policies and the visibility of Brazilian contemporary art in conventional media.

This work was born from the demand of the cultural journalists themselves, who complained about the silence of our community and shared that such silence has been extremely harmful to the relationship between contemporary art and the editors of cultural periodicals.

To participate,
send news and letters to Canal, indicating the subject BRASA [FIRE].


The was initiated by the Mobilization for Technological Art and the undersigned petition published by Canal Contemporâneo in March 2004.

The undersigned petition requested the inclusion of the categories Technological Arts in the Bill for Art and Culture Endowment, which until today ignores this artistic segment.

In 2005, a new undersigned petition was carried out, this time to indicate a triple list for the chair of Digital Arts in the recently created National Council for Cultural Policy which, after a presidential decree, began to officially legitimate the segment in the sphere of Brazilian federal government.

In this blog, theoretical texts and journalist materials about New Medias and Art, Science and Technology are published.

To participate,
send the material to Canal, indicating the subject TECNO [TECHNO].

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