Canal Contemporâneo is formed from the participation of its community. All information disseminated through it and all the debates generated within it are originated from the active participation of its members. Both its build-up and the access to its content are available through levels of shared information and knowledge.
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Canal Contemporâneo is dedicated to Brazilian contemporary art, its circuits and systems, to work on its communication and records. Through the production of content and audiovisual actions promotes critical reflection on art in its political context.


On December 1st, 2000, both website and the first electronic invitation were released, preceding the e-nformes newsletter, and since then, Canal Contemporâneo plays a key role in the history and growth of Digital Arts and Visual Arts in Brazil. The various sections of the website gather images and texts about events and artworks which are sent by the professional circuit and processed by Canal’s staff. Articles on contemporary art and public cultural policies of Brazilian magazines and newspapers are republished generating discussion and political mobilization. Documentary videos, the realization of Prêmio Registros (Records Award) and social networking actions intend to stimulate the audiovisual production in our context. This entire process, stored and disseminated, forms the collective memory of the current Brazilian contemporary art scene in a unique and comprehensive art archive.

Since 2002 Canal Contemporâneo is supported by memberships – users (artists, critics, curators, researchers, teachers, students, journalists, collectors, dealers) and organizations (galleries, production companies, museums, awards, festivals) – and sponsored by Petrobras since 2005, with the support of the Law of Incentive to the Culture Ministry of Culture.

More history in Wikipedia.

Access & Membership_

- Non-paying users can view all of content in Canal Contemporâneo’s website. They can also submit material for publication for free and sign up to receive our light version newsletter.

- Canal’s Associates have access to our E-nformes archive and its full version newsletter. They can publish a profile page in the Community section, which will be linked to on their events in the Agenda.

- Organization memberships give access to fully publication on their pre-selected material by Canal Contemporâneo, besides the organism profile publication in the Community section and staff access to our full version newsletter.

More information on benefits and values.

Canal’s Team_

Patricia Kunst Canetti
Founder and Executive Director

Cecília Bedê
Guilherme Giuliano Nicolau
Marília Sales
Editor Group

Aclébson Silva
Director of Technology

Ismael Batista de Oliveira
Users Manager


There are currently three versions of Canal Contemporâneo’s website.

In 2011, the Portfolios platform was created and implemented in WordPress by MemeLab.

In 2005, the Agenda project, which the layout is also used in the institutional pages and Community section, was created and implemented by Artz Interactive Marketing.

In 2003, the E-nformes project, which the layout is also used for blogs and forum interfaces, was created and implemented by Clique Aqui Comunicação Interativa.

The first version of 2000, also by Clique Aqui, can be remembered at Internet Archive.

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