Canal Contemporneo is formed from the participation of its community. All information disseminated through it and all the debates generated within it are originated from the active participation of its members. Both its build-up and the access to its content are available through levels of shared information and knowledge.
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Any content sent to Canal Contemporâneo must be relevant to our community's interest in order to be included in one of our platforms. Therefore, it is essential to do a selection of the materials we receive in order to ensure they meet our criteria.

We are focused on Brazilian contemporary art, its circuits and systems whether established or alternative, peripherycal or adjacent, and the whole critical reflection and political and socio-economical stances of our digital community are based on these instances. In this way, the evaluation criteria used by Canal Contemporâneo are based on the interest raised by the works and on the relevance of the professionals, venues and institutions to this focus.

During the pre-selection process, we will be organizing only the messages sent before deadline and containing all the necessary information in order to be considered for Canal's dissemination.

  1. Send an email including the basic information to;

  2. For e-nforme inclusion, the material must be sent 15 days prior to the event's opening or 30 days before the registration deadline in the case of events that use such procedure;

  3. There is no stated period for the other platforms, but one must consider the time needed for publication. Agenda: the material will be published within 2 working days. Forum and blogs: the material will be published within 5 working days;

  4. In the email's title write the date, the artist's name and the venue. In the email's body write the complete service information: date, event's title, artist's name, venue, address, phones, times and links;

  5. Include press releases, CVs and reviews in attached; doc or pdf;

  6. Send a short description (up to 600 characters, including spaces) that will be translated and included in Canals Agenda of Events. The submission of such short description is now a necessary element for the inclusion of your event in Canals agenda and e-nformes;

  7. Sent 2 to 3 jpg images, in RGB, 200 dpis, with 500 pixels in the smaller side;

  8. In case you don't yet have the images and the texts, send us an estimate timeframe, which should be no less than 5 days prior to the event's opening;

  9. On the e-nformes, for events already taking place, we look into publishing images, interviews or any material that wouldn't be available before the opening in the section Circuit;

  10. All materials will be published in the appropriate platforms. Publication of the materials submitted to the e-nforme will depend on space availability at the event's opening date as well as on the rules applicable to producing entities and venues.

Rules for galleries and institutions when publishing on the e-nformes

Due to excess of work and while it will be necessary for the proper balance of our functions, we will be publishing the complete material, with text and images, only of the member institutions. The basic information for selected events will be kept, but in order to have the material fully published it will be necessary to contribute to the collective effort of our digital community. CLICK HERE to know about organisms' association on BE PART OF CANAL.


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