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Ana Elisa Egreja - Fabulações

opening_ 12/09/2019, thursday, 19-22h
exhibition_ 13/09/2019 til 26/10/2019

Fabulations, title of the exhibition, expresses the essence of what would be the main element of the artist's work - the creation of a fantastic narrative, marked by the complex composition and detailed reproduction of materials and textures. His canvases materialize scenes in which the ideas of domesticity and abandonment coexist with the architectural presence and classic genres of art history, such as the still life and the interior painting.

segment_ painting

Museu de Arte Moderna da Bahia - MAM BA
Av. Contorno s/n Solar do Unhão
Salvador / Bahia / Brazil

place hours_
Terça a sábado, 13-18h; domingos, 13-17h

issue sent by_ Giuliano Baroni

Novo Airão, 2018 - oil on canvas, 160 x 240 cm, Ana Elisa Egreja (Filipe Berndt)  
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text by Solange Farkas
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