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Mauro Restiffe - San Marco

opening_ 28/09/2013, saturday, 14-17h
exhibition_ 01/10/2013 til 09/11/2013

The artist is occupying the space of the Galpão with eleven new photographs taken of frescoes painted by Fra Angelico in the friars’ cells of the San Marco Monastery, in Florence. Restiffe’s poetic investigation overlays a documental approach with references to art history and photography. The use of highly sensitive black-and-white analog film is not by chance; it is a formal resource that allows the artist to work with the idea of representation and of the deconstruction of the real. The graininess of the images and the gradations of gray work like paint on a canvas.

segment_ photography

Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel
Rua James Holland 71 - Barra Funda
São Paulo / São Paulo / Brazil

place hours_
Terça a sexta, das 10h às 19h; sábados, das 10 às 18h

issue sent by_ Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel

San Marco #6, 2013, Mauro Restiffe (Mauro Restiffe)  
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