Canal Contemporâneo is formed from the participation of its community. All information disseminated through it and all the debates generated within it are originated from the active participation of its members. Both its build-up and the access to its content are available through levels of shared information and knowledge.
Canal Contemporâneo
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The process of Canal Contemporâneo answers at the same time to the demands and investments of the community and the possibilities of space consolidation – that is, each accepted demand and investment should contribute for the space’s structuring. The Canal’s team is attentive to this balance and to our main subject of interest: Brazilian contemporary art.

The content of Canal is formed by the material sent by hundreds of people and selected according to dynamic criteria, which the main goal is to keep the focus of our common interest.

Criteria for Canal Contemporâneo’s content selection:

We are focused on Brazilian contemporary art, its circuits and systems – whether established or alternative, peripherycal or adjacent, and the whole critical reflection and political and socio-economical stances of our digital community are based on these instances. In this way, the evaluation criteria used by Canal Contemporâneo are based on the interest raised by the works and on the relevance of the professionals, venues and institutions to this focus.

The community’s interaction originates from the focus of interest and takes place through the technology made available on Canal. From the precarious low-tech start, when only the e-nformes fed the network, to the current stage of development featuring a database of users, new interfaces and tools, we continue working toward a higher degree of freedom in communication and relationship, as well among community members, which in the future will bring new possibilities of participation and collaboration.


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