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11ª Bienal de Berlim

Museu de Imagens do Inconsciente na 11ª Bienal de Berlim

Adelina Gomes e Carlos Pertuis

Curadoria de Renata Cervetto, María Berríos, Lisette Lagnado, Agustín Pérez Rubio

exhibition_ 05/09/2020 til 01/11/2020

Created in 1952 by Nise da Silveira (1905-1999), the Museum of Images of the Unconscious will be represented at the 11th Berlin Biennial, with a selection of 22 works by the artists Adelina Gomes (1916-1984) and Carlos Pertuis (1910-1977). Lisette Lagnado highlights: “The anti-asylum struggle of Dr. Nise da Silveira, which translated into the practice of affection and human warmth in the ateliers of expressive activities, allowed to alleviate the psychic pain of the schizophrenic, and reveals to us the extraordinary power of creation a despite belonging to damaged lives ”.

segment_ painting, drawing

Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin
Niederkirchnerstraße 7 | Corner Stresemannstr. 110
Berlin / Berlin / Germany
49-30 -254 86-0

place hours_
Quarta-feira a Segunda-feira, 10h-19h

issue sent by_ Lilian Diniz

Oil on paper, 36,5 x 54,4 cm, 1950, Carlos Pertuis (Coleção Museu de Imagens do Inconsciente)  
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